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25 August 2010

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'tis shiny (no, really - it's v. cool) and deep mahogany-red (tho we were going for more red and less mahogany, it's okay, we'll just switch it up next time *g*)... and *loves it* =)

My hairdresser is made of so much awesome. She's v. nice to me and would be really bored if I didn't come to her with new and interesting hair things... usually color stuff.

However - the issues I'd been having getting color to hold in my hair, resulted (okay, maybe 'helped push her toward that decision) in her switching hair color brands - from Redken to Goldwell, b/c the Goldwell worked so much better. Lemme tell you - Goldwell rocks like a rocking thing! Redken reds always faded to brown - when they stayed in my hair at all - and I'm not the only person who had this issue. Tons of other stylists had the same problem. Goldwell? even the 'demi-permanent' color, when it faded, didn't fade much and was still red. And she told me when I was getting my hair done, that when she tried the blonds, they came out really well too - not as much 'gold' to all of them like w/ Redken. So - awesome-sauce! (Though, I don't think I'll be going blond for a while. *g*)

On a different note, I'm kind of in writing limbo... I need to make edits to my [community profile] scifibigbang (which I'm not doing now b/c I'm too wiped) and my fics are all in beta... b/c I wait 'til the last minute for everything... so I'm in a little 'ebb' of the writing bit. I'm not complaining, but it's kind of weird, having spent the last 4 months writing like the world was on fire or something and now - no writing.

I should probably take advantage of it while I can b/c [community profile] remixduello is coming up and, after that, [community profile] yuletide will be happening.

Nope. Not doing NaNo... bigbang was enough and that was 25k in 3 months. 50k in 30 days? Not gonna happen. Besides, my November's already booked with intense work stuff. I'll need a not!work break. =)

For now - I think I'll try to catch up on my comic books. I've got quite a stack to get through.

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