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Who's done w/ their [community profile] kink_bingo card? I'm done w/ my [community profile] kink_bingo card!

The entry in the comm is right here - ye olde k_b entry...

And - just for funsies... a copy of said post here:

by: [personal profile] highlander_ii
fandoms: House MD, In Plain Sight, Iron Man (movie), X-Files, The Pretender, The Dresden Files (novels), Van Helsing, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Swordfish, Queer as Folk, The Simpsons
kinks: confined/caged, service, temperature play, waxplay, sleepy/unconscious, exhibitionism, hand fetish, exposure/striptease, body alteration/injury, obedience, plushie or furry kink, in public, [free space] - phonesex, bondage (wrist/ankle restraints), genital torture, guns, authority figures, domestic/tradesman kink, mirrors, double penetration, nippleplay, gangbang, possession/marking, piercings/needleplay, costumes

** all fics beta'd by the lovely and fast [personal profile] celuthea **

01. Man in a Cage (X-Files, John Doggett, confined/caged)
Summary: 8 icons
Content notes: (skip) none.

02. Musings (Van Helsing, Van Helsing/Carl, service)
Summary: Van Helsing/Carl (Van Helsing) - musings from the two about the other
Content notes: (skip) none.

03. Puppy Playtime (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, vampire!Xander Harris/vampire!Willow Rosenberg/puppy!Angel, temperature play)
Summary: 8 icons
Content notes: (skip) none.

04. Waxing Not-So-Poetical (The Dresden Files (novels), Harry Dresden/Carlos Ramirez, waxplay)
Summary: Carlos uses Harry's light sources as inspiration.
Content notes: (skip) none.

05. Wake-up Call (House MD, Greg House/Allison Cameron, sleepy/unconscious)
Summary: Set in the [profile] heroesque-verse; House gives Cameron a sexy wake-up call.
Content notes: (skip) Vaguely dubious consent.

06. Poker Night (House MD, Greg House/Allison Cameron, exhibitionism)
Summary: Set in the [profile] heroesque-verse; House puts Cameron on display for 'poker night'
Content notes: (skip) Also includes caging.

07. House's Hands (House MD, Greg House, hand fetish)
Summary: 6 icons all of House's hands
Content notes: (skip) none.

08. Naked House is Naked (House MD, Greg House, exposure/striptease)
Summary: 6 icons of 'exposed' House
Content notes: (skip) none.

09. Temporary Toys (House MD, Greg House/Allison Cameron, body alteration/injury)
Summary: Set in the [profile] heroesque-verse; House gives himself a new toy; Cameron is involved.
Content notes: (skip) none.

10. Field Trip (House MD, Greg House/Allison Cameron, obedience)
Summary: Set in the [profile] heroesque-verse;
Content notes: (skip) none.

11. Good Kitty (House MD, Greg House/Allison Cameron, plushie or furry kink)
Summary: Set in the [profile] heroesque-verse; House makes his own kink discovery.
Content notes: (skip) Character dressed as an animal during sex.

12. They'll Know (House MD, Greg House/Allison Cameron, James Wilson, unnamed female date of Wilson, in public)
Summary: Set in the [profile] heroesque-verse. At dinner, House's fingers do the walking.
Content notes: (skip) none.

13. The Big Damn [community profile] kink_bingo Phone-/Cyber- sex Orgy (Iron Man (movie), BtVS, House MD, X-Files, Queer as Folk, The Simpsons, Swordfish, The Pretender, Tony Stark, Dawn Summers, Allison Cameron, John Doggett, Greg House, Willow Rosenberg, Brian Kinney, Homer Simpson, Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, Stanley Jobson, Marshall Mann, Mary Shannon, Jarod, [free space] - phonesex)
Summary: 14 icons of characters in a big phone-/cyber- sex orgy
Content notes: (skip) none.

14. Lucky Charms (The Dresden Files (novels), Harry Dresden/Carlos Ramirez, bondage (wrist/ankle restraints))
Summary: Carlos asks Harry for assistance while waiting for a bit of magic to wear off.
Content notes: (skip) Vaguely dubious consent via magic.

15. Somewhere Between Fantasy and reality (The Pretender, Miss Parker/Broots, Jarod, genital torture)
Summary: Broots recounts a story of a night at a BDSM club with Miss Parker.
Content notes: (skip) none.

16. Is That a Gun in Your Pocket? (Iron Man/In Plain Sight, Tony Stark/Mary Shannon, guns)
Summary: Assumes a prior meeting between the two. Tony fantasizes about weaponry. Takes place after "Getting off with a Warning".
Content notes: (skip) none.

17. Getting off with a Warning (Iron Man/In Plain Sight, Tony Stark/Mary Shannon, authority figures)
Summary: Assumes a prior meeting between the two. Tony wants a rematch. Takes place before "Is That a Gun in Your Pocket".
Content notes: (skip) none.

18. Grease-Monkey (X-Files, John Doggett/Dana Scully, domestic/tradesman kink)
Summary: Doggett is working on Scully's car, Scully is working on where that could lead.
Content notes: (skip) none.

19. Turn-down Service (Iron Man, Tony Stark/Trixie the Flight Attendant, mirrors)
Summary: Tony's own private Mile-high club.
Content notes: (skip) none.

20. Multi-tasking (House MD, Greg House/Allison Cameron, double penetration)
Summary: Set in the [profile] heroesque-verse; House has Cameron working on new skills.
Content notes: (skip) none.

21. Kind of Like a Game (House MD, Greg House/Allison Cameron, nippleplay)
Summary: Set in the [profile] heroesque-verse; House likes to play with his princess.
Content notes: (skip) none.

22. Four Days Away (House MD, Greg House/Allison Cameron, gangbang)
Summary: Set in the [profile] heroesque-verse; House offers to give Cameron a present for her birthday.
Content notes: (skip) none.

23. Property Of... (House MD, Greg House/Allison Cameron, possession/marking)
Summary: Set in the [profile] heroesque-verse; House has a Sharpie and he knows how to use it.
Content notes: (skip) none.

24. Decorative Ribbon (House MD, Greg House/Ali, piercings/needleplay)
Summary: Assumes Ali is of legal age. House wants to know how far Ali's willing to take her infatuation.
Content notes: (skip) none.

25. Halloween - Again (House MD/The Dresden Files (novels), AU-Greg House/AU-Harry Dresden, costumes)
Summary: Set in the [ profile] otherways universe. It's Halloween and Harry and Greg have been 'dressed' for the occasion by the sentient bar.
Content notes: (skip) none.

Next up: The completed [community profile] scifibigbang fic.

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