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Fandom-related. Specifically - House

FUCK YOU Shore and Jacobs and everyone else. STOP FUCKING BEING MARTI NOXON, FCOL!

That's the short version.

The slightly longer version is: I hate it when my tv-shows start hooking the characters up. Especially with each other. Fanfiction is one thing, but as part of canon, unless it's actually designed to advance the storyline (which I really don't see House/Cuddy doing), it needs to stay the FUCK out of the canon. Seriously.

(( I'll remind the readers that this is a rant, TYVM. ))

See, I don't want House paired up with anyone, but I sure as hell don't want him paired up with this manipulative bitch they've slipped into Cuddy's body. Where the hell has Cuddy gone? This? This whiny, pathetic, OMG-I-need-a-man-in-my-life, manipulative bitch of a woman is NOT Lisa Cuddy, hospital administrator. Where did strong!Cuddy go? Where did awesome-S2!Cuddy go? This character we're seeing is NOT Cuddy.

I used to like Cuddy. A lot. I liked watching her banter and argue with House. But ever since she went on this baby crusade, she's turned into some alien creature from a bad soap opera. WTF have they done to her? I want the strong-awesome-woman back, dammit.

Also - um, is House actually stable enough - mentally - to have a normal relationship? I'm not saying House isn't awesome, but he's only been in therapy for about a year (we only saw him talk to his shrink once or twice once he left Mayfield) - is that enough? Especially for someone as fucked-up as House? Is he really ready?

My other gripe about this is the way it was handled. There was all of this long-winded manipulative shit thrown out there: Cameron leaves b/c Chase killed an evil man (kind of IC for her, but kind of fucked up too) - only to come back in one of the worst episodes of the season that read more like a fanfic than a TV episode (oh hai! Cameron comes back and she and Chase are locked inna room so they can fuck! how sweet - gagcoughhack). Wilson hooks up with his 'harpy of an ex-wife' in such a convenient twist of storyline... oh noes! poor House stuck with no friends again! halp! Taub reconnected with his wife. I have no idea WTF they're doing with Foreman - they storylined him to death 3 seasons ago. Chase - oh god, don't get me started. He was amazingly interesting in S4, but has turned into not!Chase and just - ugh. And then, Thirteen and her Huntington's of DOOOOOOOOM! sends her off, leaving a note on House's desk - I'm assuming she's leaving, thus cutting off every other possible avenue of affection for House. Oh, how sweet and manipulative and STUPID.

Really? That's the best you can do, writer people of House? Write away everyone else just so the only one left is Cuddy? Wow, how unimaginative. I think I've seen that written in fanfic for EVERY OTHER FUCKING FANDOM THAT EXISTS!

Couldn't you be clever and witty and fun? Do something interesting with the characters. And sure as hell, don't have Cuddy twist things so she convinces House to admit to something only so she can turn around and tell him she loves him. How ridiculous is that? Manipulative-bitch-not!Cuddy.

So, yeah - FUCK Season 7. And I'll be damned if I'm gonna open and watch my s6 DVDs anytime soon... I'm too annoyed, no matter HOW awesome "Broken" was.

This rant brought to you by the fucking annoying S7 cast photo, that no, I won't link to, b/c I hateses it so much.

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